Cathartic Black Rituals

by Nocturnal Departure

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YomaBarr thumbnail
YomaBarr Can you have your black metal with no moronic samples, with guitars downtuned to drill holes in your very self, hypnotizing bass lines, drums that are something more than blast beats and vocals that don't need to be soaked in reverb, and on top of it fast, melodic, headbanging and catchy?

p.s. my grandma used to say: never judge a metal album by its intro.
Athanor thumbnail
Athanor Dynamic, heavy, second wave BM worship. What else do you need? Does an amazing job channeling Darkthrone. Standout tracks are Ritualistic vomit and monolithic decay. Check it out. Favorite track: Ritualistic Vomit.
wastedwizards thumbnail
wastedwizards The vocals on this are pure abyssal evil, the variation is equal parts demon and banshee. Favorite track: Insidious Strangulation.
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Mental Abyss 04:42


"Hails Winnipeg! You are bringing your subzero icy climes to the rest of the world! NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE are here to crush you beneath the rotting hooves of the apocalypse! Their new release Cathartic Black Rituals has me twitching, it’s so good."

"The album’s ten relatively compact tracks (which include a discombobulating prelude that’s part weird electronica and part monstrous recital), have been produced to deliver hard-hitting, heavyweight rhythmic power, scorching vocal mania, and riffing that itself has heft as well as a distorted fuzziness. The relative clarity and naturalness of the production allows the vibrancy of the bass and the cymbals to surface, and brain-spearing leads to dart and slither through the mauling heaviness of the surrounding sounds.

The band have a talent for dynamic songcraft, frequently changing the tempos and drum rhythms (which aren’t dominated by blasting), as well as the moods, and they’ve cooked up a plethora of head-hooking riffs and moody melodies as well. As you move through the album you’ll encounter music that’s carnal and thrusting, ravaging and rapacious, and gloomy and oppressive. That persistent dynamism, as well as the riveting capabilities of the drummer and the viciousness of the vocals, combine to make this a thrilling trip from beginning to end."
- No Clean Singing


released August 31, 2019

ILLARTHA - Bass Guitar
FUNERUR - Guitars/Vocals

-Recorded October/December 2018
-Mixed/Mastered February 2019
-Dino D’Ottavio - Mixing/Mastering
-Ripley Hoogstraten Morden - Recording/Production
-Jordan Dorge (Imperium Design) - Digital Design of Logo/Album Cover
-Brad Skibinsky (Eye And Ear Control Records) - Digital Logo Update/Album Cover Update
-Evan Hoover (Chimera Photography) All Photo Credits


all rights reserved



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